Smart Company Promotion at a Fair

Smart Company Promotion at a Fair
Xu Jingxi (China Daily)

Currently, goods and services promotion is one of those must-have basics of a successful business. Even if you produce the best product in the world, no one would ever know about it unless you incorporate promotion as a routine activity into your schedule. So the question you should have is how to run company promotion campaign if your business is connected to interactions with customers and clients? How to ensure that they feel great about your cooperation?

The answer is simple - interact! In the era of modern technologies, a lot of business people completely forget about the old-fashioned eye-to-eye interpersonal communication with potential clients and works at a variety of conferences, business fairs, galas, etc. However, professional event planners and promoters explain that human interaction remains one of the crucial points in company's development. 

If you think that SEO and internet marketing can and will save your company, you are completely wrong in the beginning! Yes, these tools can and will help you promote a business, but only if people trust you. If you don't let the world know about yourself, if you don't earn you at least basic customers circle, you won't be able to enjoy the benefits of internet marketing. Even today everything begins from a good-old handshake. 

So the question is how to ensure that your current employees engage new people into your network? How to properly build your "humanized" marketing campaign on the floor of a fair? Of course, you can spend some time and money to teach your current employees all the tricks of human interaction. But on the other hand you can have an easier solution - event planners and promotional models or brand ambassadors.

These experts are professional "talkers" who know how to engage the audience and make people of all kinds interested in your product. They know everything about persuasion and manipulation and can turn this knowledge for the good of your company. Below you can see several tips to properly organize your company's representation at a conference or fair.

  • To begin with, you need to clearly identify your company's target audience and make sure that all upcoming steps will be towards cooperation with your potential clients.
  • Next, you need to choose a winning location of your booth at the fair. Try to choose a place where many people will go past your company's representation. 
  • Make people know about your presence. Give a small lecture, put your name on the fair catalogue, call potential clients and partners, hand leaflets at the entrance. And don't forget to use your social networks for notifications too.
  • You know that everyone is judged by the cover, so ensure that your company's representation, including brand ambassadors and your employees, look tidy and welcoming. The same rule should be applied to the booth. 
  • Have a quiet place. Fairs are loud in most instances, so you need to organize a quiet place where your partner or potential clients will be able to talk to company's representative without shouting or trying hard to hear you. 
  • Participate in the events. At every fair there will be some lectures, lotteries, workshops. The more times you'll show off in front of the audience, the more people will remember about your company's existence. And, of course, this is also some kind of free advertisement in general. 
  • Little treats are always welcomed by the fair attendant. Prepare some pens and candies with your company's logo or motto and hand them out to the people passing by. 

And don't be surprised that the tips are all common sense. Yes, they are because there is nothing complicated in fair company promotion. Your goal is to be seen and heard - everything else is up to the audience. So do your part professionally and you'll get the desired result!

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