Breakup Help – How to Regain Your Confidence?

If you have just gone through a breakup, you know how hard it can be, and you are most likely looking for some help. Trying to get on with your life afterwards is difficult for many people, too. breakup help

Whether you were dumped or the one that instigated the breakup, you may be lost after the deed has been done.

Your biggest loss is most likely not the love of your spouse or partner – it’s the knock that your self-esteem takes.

Which strategies can help after a breakup?

There are some ways approaching the future that can prevent you from grieving too much or tempting you to go running back.

To help you regain your confidence fast, take a look at these 5 tips:

1. Accept It.

breakup help

If there was a good reason for the breakup and no reason to want to fix the relationship, then accept it, bury it, it’s over. Don’t give in to any hopes that your ex is going to change his or her mind and things will go back to the way they were.

2. Break all ties.

breakup help

At least for a while, don’t go anywhere that you will run into your ex-partner.  If you belong to the same club or even work in the same office, use every tool you have to avoid him or her even if you have to take a week of vacation from work.

3. Give yourself a makeover.

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This includes the inside and the outside as well. If you always wanted to try something new with your hair, give it a try. Take up a new hobby, drop that last ten pounds, buy a bicycle and ride it every day. Make yourself healthier, happier, and even more interesting for someone new.

4. Be open to new relationships.

breakup help

We have all sworn off finding a new partner at some point, and that is usually when the best opportunities come along. You don’t have to go out in pursuit of anyone you can find available, but do not close your mind to the possibilities that come along.

5. Reach out to your friends.

breakup help

Indulge yourself in the company of your friends but without talking about your ex. Your friends were probably there before he or she was, and you had great times together in the past. You may be surprised by how much you enjoy some quality fun time with them.

No matter how hard you try, there are going to be times where you think about your loss and feel sadness. Go ahead and cry but stay out of the ice cream container. Everyone feels grief, but you don’t want to be bad to yourself as a result.

Is there a road to recovery?

breakup helpPicture yourself in the future, looking great, feeling happy, and enjoying a new relationship with someone you are more suited to.

Work towards making your future happen.

When you have gotten over the initial shock of the breakup and are beginning to see glimpses of your former self, it is time to do a “relationship evaluation.” Get out a pencil and paper and make a pros and cons list of the details of your relationship before you broke up.

Be honest about the things you liked and didn’t like about your ex and what you would have liked to be different and would have changed if possible. Don’t just evaluate your ex’s part in the relationship but note behaviors of your own that you would like to have made different.

How to move on with your new life?

breakup helpOnce you’ve done this relationship evaluation, you will have a great tool for future relationships.

Too often, we run back out and hunt for the exact same type of person that we just broke up with and doom ourselves to repeat the painful history.

Use your evaluation when you meet someone new to ensure you are not in a behavioral pattern that is going to prevent you from finding happiness.

If you see yourself married with two kids five years into the future, then someone with a fear of commitment isn’t going to be your ideal partner.

Although a breakup is one of the most painful things you can go through in your life, you can use it as a learning experience help to get on with your life with a much clearer perspective.

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